2U Impact Report 2016

Education continues to be one of our most powerful drivers of change and upward mobility. But the world is changing fast, along with the expectations of students, faculty, institutions and employers — and universities must continue to deliver so students and society can succeed and advance in the 21st century.

We're redefining Impact

2U powers what we believe are the world’s best online degree programs by partnering with top-tier universities to create online degree programs that are equal to – or better than – traditional on-campus programs.

We believe that when universities embrace the power of technology, they are able to further their missions and grow at a scale never imagined, dramatically expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities that will be critical to the future of our country and our world.

Impact is difficult to measure — difficult, yet not impossible. Traditionally, the value of higher education has been measured using a narrow set of data, such as the admissions selectivity of a university and graduation rate.

But the student of today and tomorrow is far different from the student of the past.

Those metrics do matter, of course, but real impact in today’s world requires more.

Our university partners offer the most worthwhile experiences, with the strongest returns – for the individual, the institutions they attend, the industries they work in, and the communities where they work and live. Together with our partner universities and thought leaders in higher education, we are working to reframe impact as well as the related metrics and data that demonstrate true outcomes. Using a combination of proprietary data we’ve collected from our partner programs and third-party data, we’re developing insights that we hope will shape perspectives on higher education and quality.

Unless otherwise noted in this Impact Report, all statistics presented in this Impact Report are from an internal survey of 2U, Inc. or university data completed as of June 30, 2016.

It's time to ask some new questions

Which outcomes are important? How do you measure the outcomes that employers truly value, that strengthen communities, and that improve graduates’ individual lives and their participation in civic life? Which outcomes lead to the impact at the heart of our personal and collective aspirations?

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