We are ambitious, driven and dedicated to 2U’s mission and No Back Row® philosophy. We hope you will join us.

At 2U, we are committed to creating and sustaining a culture that embodies diverse walks of life, ideas, genders, ages, races, cultures, sexual orientations, abilities and other unique qualities of our employees. We strive to offer a workplace where every employee feels empowered by the ways in which we are different, as well as the ways in which we are the same.

2U is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against applicants or employees and ensures equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, age, marital status, disability, citizenship, military or veterans’ status, or any other classifications protected by applicable federal, state or local laws. 2U’s equal opportunity policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, job benefits, pay and dismissal.


Service is the hallmark of our corporate offering, and our admissions team acts as the first point of service for prospective students applying to 2U-powered programs. The admissions team delivers all of our student enrollments, so admissions counselors (ACs) work closely with applicants, helping and encouraging them throughout the application process.

Our diverse admissions team is the heart of our company.

Post-Enrollment Services (PES)

Post-Enrollment Services (PES) supports the student life cycle by providing superior service and proactive coaching that drives incredible in-class and in-field learning outcomes. PES is responsible for maximizing student retention, facilitating field experiences, training and supporting program faculty and supporting post-graduation success.

PES is an incredibly diverse team with staff from a range of backgrounds, including higher education, health care, recruiting, customer service and technology.


The technology (TechDev) team builds and manages the technologies that enable the best learning outcomes for students enrolled in 2U-powered programs. Thoughtful, dedicated and industrious, TechDev is responsible for websites and prospect routing systems, application and enrollment systems, and the learning management system.

Folks in TechDev have worked as skydivers, musicians, scientists, teachers, actors, public health professionals, bartenders, salespeople, bakers, manufacturers and countless other professions. We’ve employed men and women from all over the world, for remote work and in our domestic offices.

Curriculum and Learning

2U’s curriculum and learning team works with university faculty to transform traditional curricula into interactive and engaging online coursework. The content group focuses on strategic design, production, iteration and revision of course content to bring each professor’s vision to life while creating front-row experiences for online students.

Members of the curriculum and learning team come from a variety of backgrounds — including jet engine design, advertising, video and audio production, television and even the Peace Corps — but the entire team is focused on designing high-quality learning experiences and having fun along the way.


From creative to prospect generation to data analysis, 2U’s marketing team is responsible for finding the right students for our partner programs. The marketing team houses many smaller departments, including brand marketing, inbound marketing, research, advertising operations, Web production and SEO. 2U’s efforts are focused on data-driven marketing, working closely with university partners as well as teams across the 2Universe to meet admissions goals.

More than 100 marketing professionals call 2U home. While the team is large, they find time to get everyone together to have some fun. In the spring you’ll find them playing cricket and cornhole at the annual marketing team field day, and the holidays aren’t complete without team outings in Baltimore or D.C.

2U also hires dedicated professionals in the following departments:

  • Admissions 
  • Compliance 
  • Curriculum and Learning 
  • Data Science 
  • Enrollment Services 
  • Facilities 
  • Faculty Success 
  • Finance 
    • Accounting 
  • Human Resources 
  • Internships
  • Learning & Development 
  • Marketing 
  • Program Management 
  • Student Placement 
  • Student Success
  • Technology 
    • Technical Support