2U Internship Program

"I am thankful that a decade ago I took a chance on a small start up, known at the time as 2tor, to join as the founding intern. That decision has taken me on this life-changing journey of serving in a variety of senior leadership roles, learning about all parts of our business."

Andrew Hermalyn
President of University Partnerships and Services
2U, Inc.

2U’s internship program, the 2ternship, has been a critical part of 2U's growth since the inception of the company. Many individuals, including some executive leaders, started their careers as 2terns and continue their tenure today here at 2U. 

A 2ternship allows students to build skill sets in their area of interest, gain real world business experience and receive ongoing feedback to maximize their professional development. 2terns experience this all while being a part of a diverse and inclusive organization that is working towards one common mission - making education more accessible and global.

Why Join Us?

At 2U, Inc., we share a common belief that education can change lives. So when you work for 2U, you become a part of a team whose guiding principles are comprised of striving for excellence, having fun, being bold and fearless, and cherishing each opportunity. Want to head into work knowing you’re part of a purpose-driven company and your hard work has an impact on lives? Join us.

To learn whether the position you’re interested in is offered at a location convenient to you, please go to the individual job posting on our careers page. *Please note: we do not have openings for remote internships.

We have internship opportunities in the following departments:

  • Tech and Data Science
  • Marketing
  • Curriculum Development
  • Admissions
  • Corporate Services
  • Success Management
  • Program Management

And the following locations:

  • Lanham, MD (Headquarters)
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Denver, CO
  • Arlington, VA
  • Chapel Hill, NC

We have three semesters in which you can join. The dates for 2019 are:

  • Spring: January 7 - April 26
  • Summer: June 3 - August 16
  • Winter: September 3 - November 22 

What you can expect during the interview process:

  • Application review - Upon submission of your application, the campus recruiting team will review your credentials. We review all applications submitted and do our best to follow up with every student regarding their application status within a few weeks.
  • HireVue Interview - HireVue is a one-way digital interview platform where students can complete their interview at a time that is most convenient with their busy schedules. Once invited to complete this interview, you have the freedom to start whenever you are able to set aside 30 minutes. For the best recruiting experience, we recommend candidates complete the interview within three days of receiving the invitation. Upon submission of your responses, all videos are reviewed by the hiring team. Note: This step is required for all candidates for further consideration in the application process.
  • Video Interview(s) with the hiring manager - Here you’ll meet face-to-face with a member of the team that you would potentially be working with. They will ask behavioral based questions to learn about your past experiences and how they can translate to an internship at 2U. Come with questions! This is your time to get a deep dive into the specific role you are interested in.

Note: Depending on the position, you may have more than one interview. You will be notified if your position requires a case study interview. 

We want to make sure the internship is a valuable and fun learning experience for all participants!  It includes free unlimited snacks in 2U offices. Throughout the year, we host a variety of networking events and activities such as Internpalooza, internal speaker series, and 2tern appreciation parties allowing students to develop relationships with their peers and 2Utes.

As 2U grows, we aim to continue attracting top talent to this program. Check out #Lifeat2U on Instagram and Twitter to see what our culture is like and more of what our 2terns experience on a daily basis.

“Before onboarding as a full-time employee, I remained a 2tern for a full year and a half, which I assure you was not merely by chance. 2U’s company culture, purpose-driven mission, and astounding employees kept me kere - and I know they will only continue to do so. Despite my title, I was not an intern at 2U. I was, as I’m still reminded to this day, an equal, valuable member of my team.”
Krista Celentano, Corporate Brand and Engagement Intern

“2U provides limitless growth for those who want the most out of education - thankfully, my 2ternship has gone above and beyond the back row.”
Jordan Carter, University Partner Social Media Intern